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Natural Gemstones Tumbled > Amazonite Tumbled - 88804
Amazonite Tumbled - 88804

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Amazonite Tumbled

Goddess Energy, Balance & Bring Chakra's In Line with The Divine, Relieves Negativity, Astral Communication

A stone of courage and truth.  Its powerful and bold energy soothes the spirit, calms the soul, and quiets the unsettled.  It provides harmony & balance, making this a great alleviator of emotional trauma, worry, & fear.  Amazonite helps one to see both sides of a problem or different points of view, assisting in manifesting universal love.  Amazonite also empowers one to discover ones self and truths.  It aides in self expression of ones thoughts and feelings and to set clear boundaries.

.75 to 1"

Heart & Throat Chakra's

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