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Natural Gemstones Tumbled > Amethyst MarabaTumbled - 44407
Amethyst MarabaTumbled - 44407

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Amethyst Tumbled

Blocks Negativity, Spiritual Awareness, Opens Intuition, Enhances Psychic Ability, Connect to Spirit, Maginifies other Crystals


A great stone to alleviate stress and help one to work out stressful situations.  It is known as a stone of contentment, which helps to lower stress. Amethyst works with the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras and stabilizes the Aura. It is also used for deflecting and transmuting negative energies. As a meditation aid, Amethyst imparts a calm, peaceful and soothing vibe, allowing one to enter deeper states of consciousness.

.75 to 1"

Crown Chakra

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